Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Project status check in

I've avoided updating this of late, and I am a wee tad embarrassed about the number of projects I've got going, and the time it is taking me to complete any of them. But hey, it is hard to work around small children. Even harder when you're a person with a serious weakness for the internet and long walks in the brisk fall air. But I'm now here to own up to my slothlike progress.

-- Front door painting. Yes, this is a new project. I tested the paint that had been chipped off around the front door frame. Of course it was lead. So I spent Saturday washing and rinsing the frame and priming the lead paint away. I still need to paint it, but I have no exterior paint yet. A trip to the hardware store is on tap today.

-- Family room floor: I've gotten it about 75% stripped of the old adhesive. I had to hold off doing too much more until we got another working entry door lock. Previous owners had not repaired broken mortise locks, they just added slide latches. But now I've got a front door that we can use while the back entry area is being redone. I've decided on shellac for the floor, by the way.

-- Dining room wallpaper: About 80% done. It 'looks like more, but I left the worst area of the room for last. Lots of trimming and small sections. I might have finished this weekend, but my 2-year-old's nap was seriously truncated on Sunday. I hope to finish before this Friday. Then I'll have one room ready for "decorating." yippee!

Meanwhile, (since I obviously don't have enough to do), I started a new message board. It is dedicated to all things homemaintenance-- but with a eco-friendly, green, nontoxic spin. If you are interested in remodeling or redecorating your home "green," or just using less-toxic household cleaners in the kitchen, please stop by and introduce yourself. I really hope it takes off, and becomes a good resource for people who want to fix up their homes without destroying the earth (or their own health).

DIY ing the Green Home

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