Monday, October 09, 2006

My name is Robin, and I am addicted to

mistinted paint. I just love that table piled with cans of "oops" paint that employees screwed up, or that customers did not want. I have a basement full of it. Sure I have projects lined up for almost all of it, but who know when I'll get to any of those.

But I can really justify yesterday's score. I found a gallon of exterior house and trim paint that is almost exactly my planned color for my front door. For $5, I coudn't not buy it, right? It's a good thing that I was still carrying around that batch of paint chips in my purse, huh? (My messy purse is a topic for another time and blog.) I might not got to the door until spring, but I am ready for the task when the mood strikes me.

1 comment:

  1. I can totally relate. I have about ten gallons of "oops paint" and so far, I have no plans for it. Last time I was in Sherwin Williams, they told me about a guy who had just bought 200 gallons of different colored oops paint for .50 cents each. SW usually sells them at .99 but cut that guy a deal because he bought so much.

    At least we aren't THAT badly addicted...right? I have to say...I was insanely jealous