Sunday, October 07, 2007

A rare FO sighting!

Bainbridge scarf
Originally uploaded by NormDeplume720
I finished the Bainbridge Scarf last night. Today, it is a blistering 90 degrees out. Figures, eh? I posted more details on Ravelry. I apologize to anyone not yet in Ravelry. If you want my pattern notes, just reply here and I'll let you know what I did. Of course, with that apology, I've probably just typed more than if I just typed it out here, anyway.

I was going to type more now, but the boy has had a lovely Sunday afternoon meltdown, and I probably need to go relieve the husband from kid duty. It's tough work parenting AND watching football at the same time, you know.


  1. My favorite phrase overhead when the Hairy One was on the phone with a friend: "I can't watch the [NASCAR] race, I've got to babysit."

    It's not babysitting if they're your kids!!!!