Thursday, January 31, 2008

Early morning.

The boy woke up at 4:30 this morning. He needed a "guy" to snuggle with. He wanted his Rudolph, so I trudged downstairs, located the red-nosed reindeer and delivered him. By the time I got there, SeƱor Wakeypants was already back to sleep. I sighed and went back to bed. It took a bit for me to settle in, but finally managed to doze a little, with a Lenten song* from last night's choir practice stuck in my head. It was 5:12 AM.



The boy was expecting me to be there for him, and was upset that I had gone back to my own bed. I got in there to find that he is thirsty. And hungry. And cranky. So up we get, and head downstairs for a "snack" of mini wheats and water. It is now 6:48, I've had 3 cups of coffee, he's seen too much Max & Ruby (his new favorite show), and I am ready to start my day. Methinks it's going to be a long one.

* If, by chance, you are currently considering joining your church's choir, I suggest waiting until after March 21. Songs for Lent are not. fun. to sing. Talk about a downer!


  1. I remember that the song that drove me craziest was "Christ Hath a Garden". I thought the song was pretty, and I liked it, but it WOULD NOT leave my head! It seemed like the choir sang it at least once a year, so for the several weeks that we practiced that song, I was in agony.

    I'm glad you're in the choir though. There's nothing like the pleasure of singing for church.

  2. I know, but how about all those pretty-sounding Christmas ones with the horrible, awful lyrics? Have you ever actually looked at the words to First Noel? I have the hardest time busting out laughing while I sing that one, and it isn't even the worst.

    "To worship him was their intent
    and to follow that star wherever it went."