Friday, April 04, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy Fur Feet

Ugh. eyelash yarn. It's not fun. When I was a new knitter, I was sucked into the sale price and the pretty colors. I was just sure that if I just happened upon the right project, it would look good. Pretty soon I realized the folly of my ways and stopped buying novelty yarns. But not before accumulating a small stash of the stuff. It's taking up room in my cupboard. And taunting me.

Entering stage left, the Fun Fur Smackdown on Ravelry. We've started a challenge: to use the novelty yarns in our stashes. We all have some lurking in a corner, lets get it out of there! So far I think only three of us have started anything. But it's a start.

I just couldn't bring myself to knit a scarf with it. There are already "magic scarfs" in my possession, not to mention plenty of scarves in general. I don't like to knit toys. I tried to crochet a toy, but I'm apparently not yet skilled enough in the hooking to work with the fur that way. Better to start with regular yarn in my first true attempt at amigurumi. After spending entirely too much time browsing for patterns, I settled on these two-needle booties. I'm using some thrift-store vintage acrylic and Red Heart Foxy together, on US5 needles. They are soming along, but I'm already sick of working with this stuff, and I'm only 3/4 of the way through the first one. I hope they fit my girl once they are done. Otherwise, they are going to charity. Some kid needs fur slippers, right?

I'd rather be working on the shawl I started with Trekking XXL. But it's curling something awful, and I'm afraid blocking just won't fix it. Le sigh. Since I'm using two different colorways in it, watching the color changes is really fun. (Pretty odd, what we yarnies find fun, eh?) I just hope after knitting 900 yards of it, it is wearable. ::fingers crosssed::


  1. Fun Fur Smackdown! Love it!

  2. Wow, those are some furry slippers! I can imagine that stuff is pretty obnoxious to work with, I used some in a felted project once and that was enough.

    I hope the girl likes the slippers if they fit her!