Friday, November 21, 2008

The front room is nearly done!

Before (this is the day we moved in):
From front room

From front room

Obviously I need to recover those chairs to make them match, and I also need more furniture for the other end of the room (it's a really big room), not to mention art for the walls, but it's basically done. I cannot believe that we finally tackled it. Three years of hating that 300 square feet of house, and now I just plain like it.
Pictures of the rest of the progress are here.


  1. Fantastic! Love it. Only think my analness would do different, swag the front window curtain to the right side. I am so symmetrical!

    So, is it a true Craftsman Bungalow? I want one of those!!!

  2. The reason they are both pulled to the left is that there are two more windows that you cannot see in the picture, swagged to the right. So the whole room is even, although it looks awkward in the picture.

    The house isn't a craftsman. It is just a plain old house-type house, built around 1900, and added on to several times.

  3. Looks so cozy --- outstanding work!