Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And one of that, and three of those, and a couple of these..

You know how you go to a church potluck, and everything looks so good that you have to have a bite of each, and by the time you head back to your table the plate is heaped with a 5" mountain of food, with no reasonable ability to consume all of it?

That's how I felt yesterday while looking through the first 2009 seed catalog that came in yesterday's mail. I was picking out carrots and peas and new tomatoes and beans and even trying to figure out how to find enough sunny spots in the yard for a few blueberry bushes. I won't even get started on my desire to grow those sunflowers that grow to 12 feet tall. And then I looked at the groundcover section and dreamed of getting rid of those overgrown yews along the side of the house. I was practically drooling by the end.

But like the potluck, there's no way I could do all of that here. I have too much shade, not enough time, and a paltry budget. I should note that I have plenty of motivation right now, but know that although we've had plenty of cold and snow already there's lots of time to go before I get to start playing with seeds. My motivation levels experience precipitous drop each year as soon as the humidity and temperatures hit 85 degrees. By mid-July, I usually regret all the work I made for myself and want to hide in the air conditioning until fall.

Today, though, I dream of lush gardens and warm soil.


  1. My seed catalog came in the mail yesterday as well!

    I kid you not - the word verification is: graine

  2. i don't much like blueberries.. but they are so worth it (to grow)

    1 pretty white flowers in the spring,
    2 blueberries in the summer

    3 beautiful foliage in fall

    4 pretty bark in winter

    and perennial! plant them once, get season after season of pleasure.

    (by the time home grown tomatoes are ripe, they are ripe for the local farmers too, and cheap at the farmers markets.. (tomatoes are easy to pick)

    but blue berries are more work to pick (and never really get cheap..)
    and fresh (right off the bush) blueberries taste way better than 4 hour old ones, and a million times better than 24 hour old ones!.

    go for the blueberries!

  3. I got a seed catalog the other day too. I am absolutely the laziest person when it comes to any kind of gardening or yard work. Yet I love looking through those catalogs and dreaming.

  4. I'm getting mine, too. I'm contemplating an apple tree or 2. This is insanity! I have a beautiful, full sun yard. Why would I shade half of it with 2 apple trees? But I want to anyway.