Friday, January 23, 2009

It's done

I feel a little like a hit man. I finally pulled the trigger and frogged a stole that I started last March, It had the potential to be gorgeous, but alas, it was accursed. I'm sad to see it go, but honestly, I'd never love it with the mistakes in it. Life is too short to finish reading bad books, and likewise too short to wear half-assed shawls.

RIP, Eye of Partridge Shawl.

But I now have two balls of Trekking XXL that I can use for other things.


  1. I know!!!! You can knit doll sweaters. Check your snail mail on Monday.

  2. I wish I remembered where I saw a vest made out of Trekking... it actually looked really nice and like something one could wear, not like repurposed sock yarn. Hmmm... maybe search rav?

    I think it was in a book... I'll let you know if I find it.