Monday, August 17, 2009

Uh, that was weird...

I just went into my upstairs bathroom, flipped on the light, and was promptly greeted with an explosion. The light bulb on the sconce by the mirror blew up. I have never known that to happen before. Anyone of you, my faithful reader(s), who can allay my fear that our home's wiring is irreparably dodgy? Please someone tell me that sometimes light bulbs in normal, safe homes shoot holes in themselves? Or was this just a warning shot? Should I be moving all my valuables to a secure location?

P.S. I find it funny that Firefox's spellcheck recognizes "dodgy" and "wonky", but not "bockety"


  1.  I have seen bulbs do this, more than once, almost always in the bathroom but sometimes elsewhere if moisture has gathered on the bulb.

  2. We had this happen to a flame-shaped bulb in the church parlor. The bulb had been there for years, and suddenly it just exploded, leaving the twisty metal part in the fixture and the glass in several chunks abour the room. Do you suppose it's some alien thing?

  3. Well, I've had light bulbs blow out when I turned them on, but I've never had one blow up!  So glad you didn't get hurt.