Thursday, January 07, 2010

Can I fix it?

I am calling on you experts and fearless folks alike to tell me what to do. I've been working on this flingin' flangin' "afghan" for far too long (well over a year). Entrelac is only fun for the first 100 squares or so. After that, it's more tedious than stockinette, and slower, too. I think the project is pretty in any case, and would love to see it finished some day, so I've been working on it again lately. I got through an entire row of squares the other night and decided to switch to a longer needle so I could see how wide it's shaping up to be, and I found this:

You see, there are not supposed to be cube-corner-shaped bits on blankets. I screwed up, by adding a square jutting out from what should have been the right edge of the work. For those of you not well-versed in entrelac, there should be alternating diagonal squares and triangles that create smooth edges up the sides of the piece. I've illustrated it thusly:

And of course I didn't notice this until after I had completed an entire row, consisting of hours of work. I know I could rip back and reknit the whole thing properly, but I know myself. If I start frogging this baby, I'm never going to re-knit. Too mind-numbing.

So my question is this: Would it work for me to snip the yarn, unravel just that square, and bind up the eight live stitches somehow so that the work can go on without undoing all of this? If so, where is the best place in the square to break the yarn? Then again, I might have screwed up something earlier, too, if I managed to attach the errant square on two sides, which should not have really been possible.

In the immortal words of Winnie the Pooh, Oh bother.


  1. Will unraveling and fixing that mistake leave you with extra yarn there? What I'd do is just unravel that square, no yarn snippage necessary, and reknit it. If you've got extra yarn hanging off, snip it in the middle and weave the ends in securely.

    Does that make any sense? It'd be a lot easier to show you that in person but I can't thanks to cursed geography.

  2. That square is clear back at the beginning of the row that I just completed. There's no way to unravel without snipping. 

  3. derr, you mean to pull the needle out of that end and unravel. I'll give it a try.

  4. Gaaah!  Wish I could help, but the only entrelac I've knit is in the round, so there are no end triangles.  So sorry!

  5. Thanks anyway. Actually someone did help me unravel that one errant triangle and reknit it as the triangle it should be. It is saved!

  6. I'm SO glad it's your problem and not mine. I'm afraid that afghan would suddenly become a couple of sofa pillows if it were mine!