Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Today's project: looking for the floor's finish

The more research I do, the more convinced I am that I should go with a "green" finish for my family room floor. Not only are they environmentallly friendlier, they are typically lower VOC than standard polyurethanes. And the people who have used them seem to be quite happy with their results.

Problem: The pros are not willing to work with me on this. They all want to put down 3-5 coats of oil-based poly and charge me $2.50/sqft for it. I will not spend top dollar to have people come to my home and do what I don't want. So I've now decided to DIY the floor.

My husband thinks I'm kinda nuts for even considering it. He redid the dining room floor at our last house, and vowed never to do it again. I do not have the benefit of his experience though. ;) Sooo, I'll rent an orbital sander from a local place, and then probably go with tung oil and wax, or "hardwax oil."

As exciting as all this is, I still think I'll need to move my family out of the house for a couple of days while I do all this. Good thing my in-laws have a big guest bedroom. :)

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