Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hey look-- I'm spamming on my blog!

1920's Coats O.N.T. Designs crochet pattern books for sale. These are great books that my mother bought at an estate auction. They are so cool that I am loathe to get rid of them. But I cannot crochet, so they have no purpose here. Except to make me tense that my kids will decide to color them. or tear them page from beautiful antique page. eek!

I am sending a portion of all of these sales to Doctors Without Borders, as part of my commitment to Knitters Without Borders. Unfortunately, I have to manually donate the sales of most of these books, due to ebay/missionfish minimums. Y'all will have to trust me that at least 20% of everything fiber-arts related will be sent off to charity.

In addition, I have a bunch of old embroidery transfers that I need to sell, and my mother informs me that she has a collection of tatting books, also destined for ebay. Those will also benefit Doctors Without Borders, too.

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