Monday, January 08, 2007

I think I'm ready to start a new house project.

After several months and the holidays, I'm finally ready to start on a new house project. I don't know which one yet, but I have lots from which to choose. I'd really like to do the living room next, but it's a ginormous job, including skim-coating the current plaster, then wallpapering or painting. Floor also needs to be redone. Previous owners decided to glue down construction-grade plywood, paint it to look something like red linoleum, and call it a floor. I guess it is a floor, as I can walk on it, and it keeps the furniture out of the crawlspace below. But it is very very not pretty.

Or I can work on my office. The walls are currently white, formerly covered in dark blue wallpaper. The walls and trim need to be painted. I bought paint for this room (oops paint, of course) over a year ago, and it is sitting in the basement, waiting patiently.

I have the stairs to do as well. I ripped out the hideous carpet, but they look heinous now. They need the remaining finish stripped off, then re-painted and shellacked. As much as I would love to tackle that next, it's a open-window-season sort of dealio. Shellac is seriously stinky until it dries. If I want to be loopy, I'll drink heavily. Inhaling denatured alcohol fumes just isn't my bag.

The upstairs bathroom is also on the list, but no one sees it but me, so it's low-priority. It's a really small room, though, so it might not take too much to finish. The kitchen is a project still too large for me fathom. So it waits until summer at least.

So that's it for now. Just wanted to update y'all on my thought process. I hope to update soon with new progress pics.

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