Tuesday, February 20, 2007

an old house haiku

my home's workmanship
thy name is surely shoddy
sigh, neverending

I'm waxing poetic today. A rare occasion indeed. When pulling down the old wallpaper in the living room, in preparation to prep the walls for eventual paint, I am finding that the plaster underneath is not sound. It's not falling apart at the moment, but nearly everywhere I push, it gives. (For those not in the know, plaster is supposed to be solid.) I think the keys are intact, but it is delaminating. I wanted to learn to skim coat plaster myself, and give the walls a nice new smooth finish, then paint. I'm now sure it will not be that simple.

I actually have a plaster professional coming out tonight to look at it. I'd rather to do the work myself, but I'm just not up to that scale of job right now. I have a job and a husband and two children who also need my time.

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