Thursday, June 28, 2007


Remember the bag I was working on for a couple of weeks? I was so proud of having only used $2 of yarn to make it. I love thrift stores. Well, I finished it. It still was not exactly pretty, but it was destined to mainly be a project bag so I got over it. I had knit a test swatch when I began, to make sure everything would felt together, so I was confident in this, my first project including felting. I was so excited to plop it in the washer and a few hours later, have a new bag.

I threw it inside an old pillowcase and into the washing machine it went. My favorite old blue jeans and my fancy new bag. After the washer stopped, I went to retrieve it.


This is what has become of the pillowcase. I knew its contents had met a horrible fate.

And here is the bag. Poor girl. She probably never knew what hit her.

For a $2 bag, it will still be functional. She needs to have a few more wash cycles before she is fully fulled. But I don't think she gets to leave the house. She definitely is going to live out her days hung on the back of the office door. Poor thing.


  1. I'm sorry it bled, but it looks good anyway. Maybe you could overdye it?

  2. oh that's a shame, it is a great job otherwise.
    I thought of some sort of overdye also, maybe it's something to look into?


  3. I still like the bag. Heck I liked it so much I gave you this...

    Okay so it wasn't really just because of the bag. ;)