Thursday, March 06, 2008


Soft 'n Gentle brand toilet paper is neither soft nor gentle. Especially if you buy the giant economy-sized package that touts "75% recycled fiber". Sometimes a bargain just isn't really a bargain.

And Addidas brand deodorant using "Cottontech" to absorb odors doesn't. Methinks there's a reason that they are the only brand using this miraculous cotton odor fighter. I would go so far as to say that the stuff actually made matters worse. Back to the skeery Aluminum tetrahedron bly or whatever it's called.

I didn't pick up any yarn hooks or needles today. I wanted to, but had to go the the giant Walmart today instead. Two hours later, we have some groceries vegetable seeds and potting soil. Contrary to what my intuition tells me, I'm acting on the theory that spring will someday actually come.


  1. I'm big into the Seventh Generation post-consumer stuff... except when it comes to toilet paper. That has to be soft.

  2. I switched away from regular supermarket anti perspirents about a year ago, I use the salt rock thing. I swear, I sweat less than I did before the switch! I originally decided to ive it a shot because antiperspirents never actually stopped me from sweating, and i thought, "why pour poisons into my lymph nodes if there is no actual benefit?"
    Really, I am a huge fan of deoderant only sticks. Try it! Love it!