Saturday, March 22, 2008

Vintage Craft love

I adore old craft books. I really do love them. Each time I walk into the crafty section of my local charity shop, I hope that there is a new tasty morsel of yellowed goodness for me to buy. Many times, though, I look through every book and pamphlet, only to find piles of books on:
- Macrame
- ways to cut paint and sew an ordinary sweatshirt, to make it look like it's not a sweatshirt that has been cut, sewn, and painted.
- decorating your clothing with liquid beads. (On title I noticed today was "Glitzy Lady"

But this week, I found some real gems. I got an old Alice Brooks Designs pineapple-motif cape pattern. There's no date on it, but the envelope had 4.2 cents potage on it. I suppose that puts it somewhere in the late 1950's. There was another Alice Brooks mother-daughter poncho pattern, but I mainly only bought it so it wouldn't be lonely at the store without its friend.

There were Workbasket magazines from 1973, I think the whole year. I also picked up a Columbia-Minerva "Learn To Crochet" book from 1976 with patterns for everything from booties to granny-square vests, all made with bulky yarn.

I thought I was done, I had snapped up all the good stuff, when I spotted something on the bottom shelf, behind a Christian cross-stitch book. It was titled "Fashions made with the Heir-Loom™", published in 1971. On the cover was what looked like an informal wedding dress, whose bodice is made with yarn daisies. And then I opened it up, and the first page my fingers showed my eyes was this:

Obviously, I had to have it. The out loud snort and guffaw was $.35 price tag alone. It is one of the most gloriously perfect examples of the egregious fashions of the early Seventies. Eventually, I'll get the rest of this book scanned in. There are other goodies in store here. folks. I haven't even opened most of the Workbasket Magazines. Who knows what treasures lurk in there.

I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful Easter, and I'll see you on Monday, I hope. :)


  1. Happy Easter!

    That... thing reminds me of the toilet roll cozy our neighbors had. Only big and with armholes. Gag!

  2. Have I got a deal for you!! How would you like some vintage McCall's Needlework magazines from Grandma Bug's original collection.

  3. ha ha haaaaaaa! ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, I love it :)

    I have a bunch of workbasket mags I haven't gone through yet, too. I got them on Ebay....a whole box. Can't wait to open them up now ;')

  4. Oh wow, that's pretty amazing! Reminds me that I need to scan in my "Men in Belted Sweaters" pattern booklet. That one was worth well more than the 10¢ I paid for the whole bundle of patterns.

  5. I love it! I just makes me stop and stare. And the "dance" she is doing makes it even better. Great find!