Thursday, July 03, 2008

oops- sunburn

I took the kids swimming yesterday. They had a blast. There were lots of blow-up flaties and googles and flippers. Both kids are itching to go back right now. In a rare instance of good parenting, I managed to slather both of them with sunblock. In a not so rare instance of run-of-the-mill stupidity, I forgot to slather my self with same. So now I have a upper-torso sunburn. At least I was wearing a hat, so my face is largely unaffected. As the optimist that I am, I'm thinking 'Hey, at least it will even out the awesome farmer's tan I've been rocking this summer." I hope it doesn't peel and go all away, just leaving a flaky and unattractive farmer's tan.

I have been trying to work on my many UFO's lately. The problem with working on stuff like that is there is no spark, no drive to get going. So I'm all too happy to sit around playing on the internet or cleaning the house and not knitting or crocheting. I have promised myself to have finished at least two projects before the Olympics. I'm not great at meeting self-imposed deadlines, but now that I've put it here, maybe I'll do better. :)


  1. they are Expensive!--but those spray on sunscreens are wonderful.

    the go on fast, dry fast, and make it easy to reach all the places that are hard to reach..

    I've been hitting the pool since memorial day (and 1 6oz can is kaput) but NO sunburn.. (not even in the hard to reach middle of my back.)

    They have been on sale (in marketing terms, July1st is end of the season..) and i picked up another can (to add to the 2 others!) so i'll have enough for the rest of the summer..

    the spray ons (i use 50spf) work, and are easy to use--they make it easy to be a good mother (and good to your self

  2. My mother used plain yogurt on sunburn, it worked pretty well. Very, very pleasant cooling sensation.
    And she got to use it quite a lot. My sister and my dad tan easily, but my mother and I glow from about half a mile away because we're both so pale.