Friday, June 27, 2008

Nom Nom Nom. Doves are yummy

or so say the owls in my back yard this morning.

I've been watching them for an hour now, and they are still eating. There are two kids and one grown up. I wonder if this is the same owl I got a shot of last spring. Either way, I love their hoo hoo, ho hoooo sounds at twilight. I love that I have enough trees that they call this place home. I don't even mind that I'm going to have to clean up dead bird bones later today. I am blessed to live in an area that hasn't managed to wipe out all of the native species that belong here.

Update: I emailed the Illinois Raptor Center, and they very quickly responded to my query. Those are Eastern Screech Owls. I had been thrown off because my birds didn't have big ear tufts, but as it turns out, they can flatten them down sometimes, too. As an aside, I learned that the screech owls who live at the Center are named Mulder and Sculley. Their names match their mysterious nature, I suppose. :)


  1. Bird carnage aside, the owls are very pretty. I didn't know they came in a rust colour.

  2. Wow, cool!

    We had a red-tailed hawk in our yard a few months back, but no hooters in the city.

  3. That's just too cool! I envy you. The most interesting wild critters in my yard are the two (or more) garden/garter snakes that everyone sees except me...and I'm the one who loves to watch them. I put your picture on my screensaver. Mom