Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't have time for this

Seriously. There's no time in my life for another hobby. None. Zip. Zilch. But fluffy roving and a spindle appeared at my doorstep the other day (really-- I go to get the mail, and find it there. I didn't order this stuff). What was I to do? First instinct was to put it in the cupboard and ignore it. But instead I left it on the desk and ignored it.

for 20 hours.

Then I couldn't take it any more. It was just staring at me. Taunting me. "You know you want to," it said. "You'd probably be good at it, too. You could be a prodigy-- you've always wanted to be a prodigy haven't you?" And then the force of it moved my fingers to youtube.com, where I started watching videos of people turning fluffy bits of wool into yarn. All of a sudden, I realize that the spindle and some roving were in my hands. And I was twirling and pulling and winding it into something that resembles yarn, sort of.
first spinning ever

I have to take a few days away from it, though, to ready the house for an upcoming 4th birthday party. But watch out-- next week I'm going to get the hang of it. Then I'll need to get another job to pay for the new expensive hobby.

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  1. I know!! I received a spindle and roving from my secret pal, and I want to try, but for pete's sake, I don't get anything done around here the way it is! I am, however, looking forward to seeing what you spin up!