Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's a raver! It's a terrorist! No...

it's painting day at the Deplume household.

I finally tackled the railing/banisters of the stairway today. This stupid project has taken more than a year now, but it's so very close to completion. After a frustrating false start with a primer that claimed to adhere even to glossy surfaces, but was clearly lying, I went back to my favorite old standby, shellac. This time, the shellac came in the form of BIN Shellac Based Primer. I love this stuff. It covers well, blocks stains and odors well, and dries lightning fast. The only drawback to it is that there are some fumes involved. First, you use mineral spirits to remove any waxy or oily buildup. Then you use ammonia to prep the surfaces for painting. And the primer itself has a fair amount of denatured alcohol in it. So of course, to avoid brain damage and/or blindness, I use a respirator. I look cute, eh?

Anyway, if you don't remember what I started with, here's a little reminder. In the above self-portrait, you can see the pre-painting banister/baluster (I can never get those words straight) as well as the odd little discolored plastic mirror on the newel post, which is also now covered up. The trim in this house was all painted a dingy cream color, of course being covered with bright white paint. Here's where we are now.

I still need to apply a finish coat, and probably some sort of protectant to the railing, but we are definitely in the home stretch. Next stop: kitchen!


  1. What an awesome transormation! I love it white, very clean looking. What color blue did you use on the walls?

  2. It's from Ace Hardware, called Starfire (number D40-3)

  3. Thank goodness you have the patience for this, cuz hubby doesn't!

  4. That looks fantastic! The white seems to make the blue brighter as well.

  5. I can't believe the transformation....the place looks so great! Can't wait to see the house in Sept! Jori