Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In which Norm is again stickin' it to the man

We love popcorn here at the Deplume household. I grew up in one of those homes where there was a dedicated popcorn-cooking pan. It was made in large enough quantities that there could be leftovers the next morning. It was a big deal.

However, when I grew up and Mr. Deplume set off to make our own household, we didn't have a popcorn pan. Nor did we have the room in our 465 sqft. apartment to have one, let alone an electric popcorn popper. The only 'real' option for us was to start purchasing microwave popcorn.

Problem is, microwave popcorn isn't any good. It's usually heavily-laden with that nuclear orange diacetyl (the butter-flavored chemical that tastes nothing like any butter I've ever encountered), salt (enough to kill a slug) and hydrogenated oils. Still, we stuck with it, addicted to the ease of plopping a packet into the nuker and pushing the "popcorn" button. I had resigned myself to doing this for the rest of my days.

But lately, we've been having troubles. First, our microwave was too small, so the bag would get stuck, burning the popcorn. Then, we upsized to a larger unit, only to find that the bag would still get stuck if we didn't center it right. There were other problems, all very irritating, which ended with one of two problems: unpopped kernels or charred popcorn-shaped briquettes.

So this morning I was avoiding housework (as usual)and started looking at popcorn poppers. Thanks to The Google's power, I happened upon this recipe for homemade microwave popcorn. I headed to the grocery store to buy popcorn and lunch sacks. Brought them home, threw 1/4 of corn in the bag with a drizzle of canola oil, folded it up, and two minutes later I had popcorn. Popcorn plus bag (both bought at full price in my little neighborhood grocery)cost $.27, which is considerably less than I normally pay for the pre-bagged stuff. Take that, Act II and all your friends on the convenience snack shelves!

I love being cheap-- bargains are fun.


  1. i have no microwave and pop on the stovetop and still i applaud you!

  2. My grandpa used to pop corn on the stove using bacon grease. Okay, sure -- he died of a heart attack, but he went with a smile on his face!

    (And that was some of the best freakin' popcorn I've ever had.)

  3. Have your Mom tell you about the wonderful popcorn we used to get at the movie. The popcorn stand had yellow lights and he melted lard in a big enamel coffeepot. When he poured that "golden butter" over the popcorn, it was so good we licked the sack afterwards. I've never had any as good since, but I'm hesitant to use lard now. Maybe one of these days I will, just to see. Or... you can try it and let us know.

  4. I must try this.

  5. MorningMedusa5/27/2009 7:12 AM

    I only buy bagged popcorn and cook it in my big ole' popcorn pot. Then I melt real butter and pour over and salt, very lightly. Nom

  6. Here? I like your blog! and I like the flowers on the previous post, so pretty!

  7. Testing the doohicky for you. =)