Friday, February 15, 2008

30 days of Gratitude

I was inspired by my dear friend Joy to post here for 30 days with the focus being gratitude. I of course jumped at the idea. I know that remembering to be grateful for the bazillion quintrillion gifts that have been given to me is key to my happiness in life. So here I go.

The very first thing that pops into my mind in this Month of Thanks-Giving is to be truly grateful for the few good close friends I have in this world. My husband is of course my bestest buddy in the world, and he is worth his weight in gold (or artisan beer, as it were). I'm also really blessed to have friends like Joy. I was fortunate to have a "girls' weekend" with her and two others last summer. It was some of the most edifying debauchery on record. I wish she didn't live so far away, contactable only by Interwebs, but I am happy that I have the internet to keep me close to teeny tiny circle of really great friends.

So there it is, day one of being thankful for stuff. I do need to note here that it is sunny, and my hands are feeling better too. I'm just a bundle of blessings today, eh? I need to stop now though, I don't want to run out of ideas before my 30 days is up.


  1. :) Good friends are hard to come by, but brought a bit closer on the interwebz. ;)

  2. Good friends are always something to be grateful for!

  3. your blog makes me smile. i think it's because i can practically see you winking and smirking. in a very, very edifying way of course.

    and have i mentioned how much i appreciate you helping me learn NOT to CARE? ironically, i'm grateful for that.

  4. ahhh one day I will meet Joy ;) I hope! Til then, I will be Jealous of you!