Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Yeee-uck, times two.

After my last post, the snow continued to melt, and the rain continued to fall. We ended up renaming our back yard "Lake Deplume." There is 2 inches of standing water in several places where lawn used to be. Then this morning, the snow started to fall again. Now I have two inches of 32-degree water, with two inches of snow on top. Then the temperature will drop tonight, turning the town into a skating rink. Lovely.

I am, however, blessed that I'm not in the South, where tornadoes lurk behind every cloud. I'm used to living in tornado alley in the spring and summer, but February twisters are just wrong. I saw a lady on the news who hid in the basement during the tornado, and came back up to find her entire house simply gone. She had not been able to find out yet if any of her horses or her dog had survived. It was heartbreaking.

Sorry for the downer. I'm just buried under a thick layer of cabin fever here, and it is starting to affect my brain. I have been knitting (and crocheting too), but have no decent light right now to snap pictures of anything. They promise sun for tomorrow, so maybe I can venture onto the front porch for some WIP shots then.

I was trying to type something else interesting here, but I got nuttin'. So I'm shutting off the computer and going to go knit a little.

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  1. Well the weather outside is frightful, but T.V. is so delightful...
    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow