Monday, March 30, 2009

Charity work

Earlier this month I knit these for Citizen Sam (they recently took over Operation Helmetliner), and finally got around to weaving in the ends and taking pictures this week. I have a bad habit of finishing projects quickly, then letting them languish about for weeks (or months, in some cases) with just a stray yarn end or half a bind-off to do. Too bad procrastination isn't a marketable skill-- I could be rich. Rich, I tell you!
The beanie is Ellen's Hat from The Ships Project (Ravelry link), and the neck gator (although I think it ought to be spelled "gaiter") is from the Citizen Sam website. (No Rav pattern link for this one that I could find. I'm also too lazy to bother adding it to their database.)

BTW, on the gaiter/gator I used a sewn cast off that I read about in Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac, and I really like the effect. It's nice and stretchy, and at the same time is a little less bulky than my standard bind off. That EZ sure was one smart cookie.


  1. Love reading your blogs. I've not been keeping up with them. Congrats on the knitting, bushes, getting rid of TV stuff, etc. I wish I had been as productive in the past couple of weeks. Love ya. KDF

  2. I love sewn bind offs. I also like to add facings and collars with a sewing technique. I found that one in The Big Book of Finishing by K. Buss. It replicates the look of a RTW garment. Is that perplexing? I want my hand knit garments to look like mass produced items.

  3. I've actually never tried the sewn bindoff. Maybe it's about time.