Friday, March 27, 2009

Cutting the cord.

We've been paying $58 a month for Directv for many years (well, it used to be cheaper, but they kept adding crap we don't use, and upping the price). After a very frustrating afternoon yesterday, I mentioned to Mr Deplume that we ought to just get rid of the cable/satellite altogether and just use an antenna and the Internet for our television enjoyment. He bristled at first-- he'd have to give up ESPN! How could he get through a morning without Sportscenter?

But just moments later he saw our 4-year-old beg for another toy that had been pimped on a commercial, and he came around. So after a little talking and futzing with the computer to allow us to watch Burn Notice and Psych episodes on the TV set without cable, the decision was made. This morning I will be calling DirecTV, telling them to just come and pick up their crappy HD receiver that doesn't work on our television and canceling our service.

Last night I went through the massive Tivo Season pass list and deleted all the pay-tv shows. Bye Bye, Food Detectives, see ya around, Mythbusters. Au revoir, Gardening By the Yard. It will be tough without you.

The children will probably have the biggest adjustment. They are used to having 10 different cartoon channels standing by, ready to placate them at a moment's notice. I've saved a few recorded programs for them on the Tivo (I love love love my Tivo), and will be buying some more kid-friendly DVDs. Once summer is here, this will all be easier, as they really love playing outdoors anyway. I know that families are happier with less TV, but the next couple of weeks will try all of our patience, I suspect.

We'll be better for it, right?


  1. I don't have cable or any pay tv--there are a few shows i might be interested in--but not $60 a months worth(or $700 a years worth!)

    Netflix for 1, and a NO TV night for 2--a spool knitter for your daughter--she can sit with you as you knit, and make some icord.. add it as trim to hat or gloves you make for her.

    or play a game of Sorry (which is simplied parchese--a great game!
    it requires some luck--and some strategy.. but sometimes dumb luck wins out over the best strategy..

    An evening walk is too too.
    Venus, Mercury and Jupiter can all be seen in the evening sky (before 9pm)--what fun to find them. (they are bright enough I CAN SEE THEM(in all the light of the NYC skyline)

    TV is useful (it is a common social denominator) but its a real waste of time.. and money!

  2. There are so many shows available to watch online nowadays that one almost doesn't need cable. (That does not apply for where I live, where you get absolutely no stations with just an antenna.)

  3. I'd love to know how this goes. I've often thought we need to get rid of it. Funny, those two shows you mention would be the ones I'd want to see on the computer, too! Plus The Closer. Ugh, I'm such a dork. I'm so glad I found your blog - nice knitting work. (found you via comment on No Kind of Person)

  4. Jennifer,
    We're on day 14 of no pay-tv, and so far we're doing just fine. The kids are placated with the Tom and Jerry episodes that I saved on the Tivo and PBS kids shows. And when there's nothing to watch, they just turn off the TV and play. It's really been a MUCH easier transition than I expected.

    We'll see how it goes once I'm having to watch Burn Notice episodes a day late once they re-start in June. ;)