Friday, April 20, 2007

Fong f- fong fong fong!

I just knit a fong, a 'socklet' with a thong strap, to facilitate wearing flip flops without injury. I learned of this pattern on Knitty's Message board, and knew immediately that my skinny, flip-flop-averse feet needed a pair. So I got to work. Since I've yet to knit a pair of socks (although it's on my to-do list), I have no stash of sock yarn. I'd heard a rumor that Lion Brand Microspun might work, so I tried it. (Anything to save a trip to the yarn store with two kids in tow, right?) I made a few tweaks to the pattern (some suggested in the original pattern's comments, and a few of my own), and even figured out kitchener stitch. Here is how I did it:

* I cast on 42 stitches in Microspun, size 3 needles. (I know that 42 is not the right number for a pattern containing k2p2 rib, but there was beer involved during this knitting session.) 42 is still too big, however, so I'll re-make them with 38 stitches (my feet really are that skinny!).
* I used k2p2 rib on this, but in my remake, I'll probably go with k1p1, mostly for aesthetic reasons.
* I used reverse stockinette for the little thong part, and really like that. I got the idea from the comments section on the original pattern.

I have only made one so far, though; it's a little big, so I'll make a smaller pair. But the idea translates to a real, usable product, and I'll be able to purchase thong sandals for this summer without the fear of them flying off my feet when I dare to walk a pace quicker than "chain gang shuffle." Here's my bony foot and its need for a fresh pedicure.
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P.S. I now have that horrible Cisqo song stuck in my head.


  1. That is so cool! I'm glad one of us can knit cuz now I get to see all kinds of pretties that you make. :)

    Oh and you suck! I have that stupid song stuck in my head too. :p

  2. I've gotta make some of those. Flip-flops always give me blisters...

  3. I ran across this old post of yours while googling for info about omega sinfonia mercerized cotton (which you mentioned in a different post).

    I'm so thrilled to read about your fongs enabling skinny footed people to be able to wear flip-flops. My mom's AA foot simply cannot keep on a pair of flip-flops for anything!